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Welcome to EEOC E-File for Attorneys

A charge of discrimination is a signed statement asserting that an employer, union, or labor organization engaged in employment discrimination. It requests the EEOC take remedial action. The laws the EEOC enforces, except for the Equal Pay Act, require a person to file a charge before filing a lawsuit. There are strict time limits for filing a charge.

Using this application, a licensed attorney may file a charge on behalf of a client by either (1) uploading and submitting a charge your client has previously signed under penalty of perjury but has not yet submitted to the EEOC or (2) by creating and submitting a charge that the attorney’s client can sign under penalty of perjury through the EEOC Public Portal.

Please note that if you would like to access a charge you have already submitted through this application, you must do so through the EEOC Public Portal. You cannot access that charge here.

If you already have an EEOC Public Portal account, please use the same email address here. You must use YOUR email address, NOT your client’s email address.
Not a licensed attorney? Use the EEOC Public Portal to submit an inquiry.

After you submit an inquiry, the EEOC will contact you and assist you in filing a charge.